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The Remotise Podcast

May 7, 2019

Show notes:

It sucks, but finding a virtual assistant (VA) job is getting harder. Let me be specific, any basic data entry VA job is getting harder to find.


Because just like any industry, there will always be a more affordable option.

Someone else in a developing country with the same technology as you can do that job for cheap. Straight up.

So how do you compete? Just like everybody else... You have to specialize in an in-demand skill.

Unless you don't mind being an expat and living in a new country as an English teacher (which is a great option and I actually encourage it if you want to travel and make money right away).

But if you want to find those legit 'work-from-anywhere' jobs, you need a skill to support it.

In today's episode, Phillip Huynh, owner of Creative Hippo, gives us the no-bullshit truth on how to get hired as a virtual assistant.