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The Remotise Podcast

Feb 26, 2019

Show notes:

In this episode, we talk to Wally Wang, a work-from-home online teacher. He’s always wanted to be a teacher but found that it wasn’t easy to land a job in a classroom. He discovered an opportunity to become a teacher in Shanghai, China and his life hasn’t been the same since. We explore Mr. Wang’s world and chat about how he managed to save $14,000 in 7 months working abroad, how easy it is to land a teaching job in Asia, the 2 types of people that would benefit from teaching abroad, and how remote work has given Wally the freedom to become his own boss. There is cussing in this episode, so if you have kiddies at home, I suggest putting in some headphones for this one. This is The Remotise Podcast, episode 010. Enjoy the chat with Wally and me.